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Rehab Reveals Little Mistake That Keep Imo Entertainers Stagnant

Unlike Lagos where it seems easy to walk into fame as an Entertainer, Micheal Ekwere popularly known as Rehab, a song writer who base in Imo has pointed out some of the problems why entertainers in the state may seem not to be progressive. 

This intresting revelation is coming at the heel of an entertainers summit captioned Imo the new Lagos billed to take center stage Thursday 4th Oct. in Owerri. 

Rehab who posted on his social media timeline wrote:

I would have loved to keep mute on this but I just can't keep mute when i feel like i know the problem that IMO state entertainment industry is having. The problem that IMO state entertainers are having is that they don't know their problem.

If they all know their problem, they will really understand that the only solution to their problem is a personal choice that each entertainer have to make for him or her self.

There is nothing wrong hosting a conference in as much as I hate the theme titled ( IMO the new lagos) 

What might be wrong is what will happen after the conference, when all the entertainers  who eventually attends the conference go home, they continue from where they stopped. 

Its only war that brings peace. This is a war we shouldn't worry, it will bring peace it self one day except we are going to drop our weapons.  

Every entertainer want to be on top( every body want blow) and this is the biggest aim I think every entertainer have, how many entertainers do you think will practice what you are going to 

Preach to them in the conference, IMO state entertainer will only respect some one who will speak to them psychologically may be a psychologist who understand entertainment, not base on experience.

If you do it base on experience, many entertainers think they have gone through a lot  or have had much experience than even does speakers, so how will they absorb what they are listening to? 

It takes each entertainer in IMO state to decide when? How ? And what he or she will do personally, to help the growth of the industry in  IMO state ...

Another funny thing is that the entertainers that are invited to be the  speakers, May I remind you that other  entertainers that are called to sit and listen to them are jealous  of them if they are opportune to overtake them and become the speakers for the day they will fight for it. So how will they listen when they feel like they are better than you that is speaking to them .

That brings me to the number one problem I thing we have which is "JEALOUSY " most artist describe it as when we don't have love for each other , but Its simply know as  jealousy..

Let me give a fact, jealously is one thing that have made most super stars  in Lagos what they are today. Jealousy makes us grow and work harder as an individual, with out jealousy most artist will be too lazy, when their is no jealousy it shows that no body is growing in the industry. But I can never fail to understand that jealousy also bring people down. Yes jealousy has its advantages and disadvantages..

Jealousy is just one out of a million problem and solution we have there are even many  more problem that only the government can solve , their are even many more that only the citizens that are not entertainers can solve. 

In conclusion lets don't try to chase international and lose local except every single soul in IMO state both entertainers and non entertainers , Government, politicians and even indigence of IMO state living indifferent part or the world will agree to help in a chase of making IMO state the new Lagos when it comes to entertainment. 

Rehab Reveals Little Mistake That Keep Imo Entertainers Stagnant Rehab Reveals Little Mistake That Keep Imo Entertainers Stagnant Reviewed by Imsu Elijah on Wednesday, October 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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